photoDr Bani Anvari
Research Leader & Director of Intelligent Mobility Group/Lab

Jakub Krol_06

Dr Jakub Krol
Research Fellow
Joined on 15 October 2018

Research topic: Data Analytics (within the iSeat project)

MilanLovricDr Milan Lovric
Research Fellow
Joined on 2 January 2020

Research topic: Data Analytics (within the AI-TraWell)

JanPetersJan Peters
Research Fellow
Joined on 1 September 2019

Research topic: Intelligent Robotic Systems (within the iSeat project)

Jan Luca KästleJan Luca Kästle
PhD Student
Joined on 1 March 2019

Research topic: Developing an Adaptable Human-machine System

JunrongYaoJunrong Yao
PhD Student
Joined on 23 September 2019
Supervisors: Dr H. Wurdemann and Dr Bani Anvari

Research topic: Developing a Novel Method to Transform Qualitative Data to Quantitative Data


Craig Rafter
PhD Student
Supervisors: Prof. Tom Cherrett and Dr Bani Anvari

Research topic: Integrating Connected and Automated Vehicles into the Transport Network

Aly ElShafei

Aly El-Shafei
PhD Student
Joined on 17 June 2019
Research topic: Developing an Adoptive Control Human-machine Interface for Autonomous Cars

adammalekzadehAdam (Mojtaba) Malekzadeh
PhD Student
Supervisors: Prof. N. Tyler and Dr Bani Anvari

Research topic: Contribution of Peripheral Vision to the Street Environment

Zongyuan WuZongyuan Wu
PhD Student
Supervisors: Dr Ben Waterson and Dr Bani Anvari

Research topic: Cooperative Traffic Management

luke-hutchinsonLuke Hutchinson
PhD Student
Supervisors: Dr Ben Waterson and Dr Bani Anvari

Research topic: Optimizing the Charging Infrastructure to Support Electric Vehicles


Dr Azadeh Shariati, Research Fellow/Post-doc (Jan – Aug 2019), UCL
Dr Mojtaba Sharifi, Research Fellow/Post-doc (Feb – July 2019), UCL
Yicheng Yao, MSc Student (2018), UCL
Louise Murray-Bruce, MSc Student (2018), UCL
Ruggero Gargiulo, IP, Mechanical Engineering Student (2018), UoS
Omar Diab, IP, Mechanical Engineering Student (2018), UoS
Miguel Fuentes Montiu, Individual Project (IP), Mechanical Engineering Student (2018), UoS
Dr Forough Goudarzi, Research Fellow/Post-doc (2017), UoS
Dr Bo Gao, Research Fellow/Post-doc (2017), UoS
Liu (Christina) Yang, Visiting PhD Student (2017), Imperial College London
Dr Yuji (Amber) Shi, Research Assistant (2017), UoS
Gen (Kevin) Li, MSc Student (2017), UoS
Yuyu (Convallria) Deng, MSc Student (2017), UoS
Ji Zhang, MSc Student (2017), UoS
Tianyi Yin, MSc Student (2017), UoS
Fuqi Liu, MSc Student (2017), UoS
Kaiyuan Wu, MSc Student (2017), University of Southampton (UoS)
Robert Richardson, MSc Student (2017), University of Bristol

Interested in joining the group?

I am keen on working together with enthusiastic researchers according to Soton’s motto “The Heights Yield to Endeavour”. So, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in one of my research topics and have some funding scheme in mind. I will be highly supportive. There are many schemes available, in particular, I would like to mention fellowships by the EPSRC, Royal Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society. I advise research students to consider having a look at a number of scholarships.