Early Career Capital Equipment
Aim: This grant will be used to procure an integrated set of physiological monitoring technologies in a car simulator in order to explore human driver interaction inside and outside of future semi-/fully-autonomous vehicles.
Amount: £99,330 + (£45,000 industrial contribution)
Duration: July 2019 – March 2020
Investigators: Dr B. Anvari (PI), Dr Helge Wurdemann, Dr Laura Toni, Dr Francesca Boem, Dr Jemima Unwin, Mr Kamal Achuthan, Mr Daniel Scott, Dr Mehdi Baghdadi, Dr Will Newton, Dr Ellie Cosgrave, Dr Aneesha Singh, Dr Will McDowall.

iSeat-Towards an Intelligent Driver Seat for Autonomous Cars
Aim: The iSeat system builds upon a complete re-think of the manner in which humans interact with autonomous cars. The smart combination of sensor systems, machine learning, affective computing, human factors, haptics and robotics will result in a bi-directional human-machine cooperation that is safe, intuitive, effective, & personalised.
Amount: £251,453
Duration: January 2019 – June 2020
Principle-Investigator (PI): Dr B. Anvari

G-Active – Green Adaptive Control for Future Interconnected Vehicles
Aim: G-Active aims at reducing CO2 and NOx emissions in passenger and light duty road vehicles by implementing new energy management systems which are global, predictive, adaptive, and scalable.
Research Contribution: Travel Time Estimation and Prediction
Amount: £263,835 of £1,668,848
Duration: November 2016 – August 2019
Investigators: Prof. R. Lot (PI), Prof. N. Stanton, Dr S. Evangelou, Dr B. Anvari Dr S. Box

Towards A New Traffic Prediction Technique For Improving Road Safety In Brazil
Aim: The aim of this visit is to develop a model to predict vehicle’s future location using real traffic traces and improve VANETs performance
Research Contribution: Travel Time Estimation and Prediction
Amount: £3,078
Duration: May – June 2019
Investigators : Dr B. Anvari and Prof. W. Kraus Junior


University Partnership Programme (UPP)
Research Contribution: Open-source Traffic Control Test-bed 
Amount: £374,330
Duration: November 2016 – March 2018
Investigators: Prof. N. Hounsell (PI), Dr B. Anvari, Prof. J. Preston, Prof. N. Stanton

Collecting and Analysing Traffic Data Through Drone Vision
Aim: This project  investigated the potential benefit of leveraging Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with Computer Vision software in the development of future Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
Amount: £6,319
Duration: June 2017 – December 2017
Investigators: Dr B. Gao (PI), Dr B. Anvari, Prof. J. PrestonDr. S.D. PriorDr. J. Hare

NIHR Global Health Research on Road Safety (16/137/122): Socio-Technical systems Approach to Road Safety (STARS)
Aim: The overall goal of this project is to reduce the number and severity of road accidents in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) through an underpinning philosophy of “local solutions for local problems”.
Amount: £1,986,387
Duration: August 2017 – July 2020
Investigators: Prof. N. Stanton (PI), Prof. J. Preston, Prof. P. RoderickDr B. Anvari, Dr K. Plant, Dr G. Yao