Transport Engineering and Operations (T3 / XIMP0005 / CIVE97118)
Overview of “Transport engineering and operations”

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Road Traffic Theory and its Application (T8 / XIMP0008 / CIVE97123)
Overview of “Road traffic theory and its application”
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Mathematics: Theory of Traffic FLow – Trip Distributions (MATH0081) 


How to Start a Clean Technology Enterprise (The UCL  Institute for Global Prosperity)

“Dr Bani Anvari’s talk presented a new interface design for motorised vehicles called iSeat. iSeat is an intelligent driver seat made of integrated arrays of soft, stiffness controllable robotic structures. The robotic and haptic elements of iSeat are serving the feedback purpose as well as providing monitoring capabilities through direct contact with the human. In this talk, a couple of potential applications will be presented: On the one hand, the iSeat can act as a co-pilot providing personalised feedback to support the driver so that safe, timely, effective and intuitive transitions between different autonomy levels can be completed. On the other hand, the new concept can influence the driver behaviour to optimise and reduce fuel/energy consumption through haptic feedback based on V2V and V2I data analysis.”

Highway & Traffic Engineering (University of Southampton)

  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Management
  • Crowd Modelling
  • Future Transportation Technologies

Transportation Engineering: Analysis and Design (University of Southampton)

  • Intelligent Transport Systems

Project Economics and Management (University of Southampton)

  • Project Management in Practice (I): Project Planning Techniques

Transportation Engineering: Transport Management (University of Southampton)

  • Urban and Inter-urban Traffic Management
  • Resilience Engineering
  • Intelligent Mobility

Transportation Planning: Practice (University of Southampton)

  • Pedestrians, Cyclists and the Manual for Streets

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Sustainable Engineering (Imperial College London)

  • Innovative Design of Urban Transport Environments/Spaces for Mixed-mode Use