External/Internal Examiner:

Rui Sha, Design and Performance Analysis of Urban Traffic Control Systems, University College London, 2017.

Christopher Osowski, A Methodological Method Framework to Enable the Quantitative Design of Cycle Infrastructure, University of Southampton, 2017.

Media Coverage:

Transport Systems Catapult’s University Partnerships Programme (UPP) – Intelligent Mobility Research:

Invited panels:

“Connectivity: How can the connected car contribute to a better London?”, The London Automotive Forums organized by the Knowledge Transfer Network and TfL, 14 March 2019.

Workshop on the UK Connected and Automated Roadmap to 2030, 2 April 2019.

Invited talks:

“Overview of the Development of Technology of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and Drones”, Annual Leadership Training Programme, University of Oxford, UK, 5 August 2019.

“Implementation and Impact of CAV Drones for Cities”, Annual Leadership Training Programme, University of Oxford, UK, 20 August 2019.

Keynote Talk on “Trends in Urbanization, Smart Cities and Transport”, BMW Summer School, Germany, 15 July 2019.

“Morphing between Levels of Situational Awareness in Highly-automated Vehicles”, 2019 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Montreal, Canada, 21 May 2019.

“Intuitive Haptic Feedback for Take Over Tasks in Autonomous Cars”, UCL Energy Institute, UK, 3 May 2019.

Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS 2018 workshop on Shape Changing Robotic Structures and Interfaces, Madrid, Spain, 5 October 2018.

Future of Mobility: Modelling and Optimisation, The University of Sydney, Australia, 2018.

InterAct – An Interactive Simulation Tool for Innovative Street Designs, The Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference – Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK, 24 January 2018.

Artificial Ethics: Moral and Practical Challenges in the age of the Machine, University of Southampton, Southampton, 2017.

Pedestrian Dynamics: Modeling, Validation and Calibration, Brown University, Providence, 2017.

Green, Greener, Intelligent – How to move towards more sustainable mobility?, Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College London, 2017

Towards an Accurate Microscopic Passenger Train Evacuation Model using MassMotionOasys Limited, Arup Group Ltd., London, 2016.

Behavioural Mechanisms underlying Self-organization in Human Crowds Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, London, 2016.

A New Decision-making Tool for Shared Space Implementations, Transport Systems Catapult Ltd., Milton Keynes, 2015.

The Future of Crowd and Mixed Traffic Modelling, Arup Group Ltd., London, 2015.

Pedestrian Modelling in Interaction with Vehicles, Transport for London (TfL), London Underground Ltd., London, 2013.

Shared Space Modelling Based on Social Forces and Distance Map, Network of Excellence for Advanced Road Cooperative Traffic Management in the Information Society, Vienna, 2012.

Simulating Vehicle-Pedestrian Interactions in Shared Space Environments based on Social Forces, Transportation Research Group, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Southampton, University of Southampton, 2011.

Seminar/Workshop Organiser: 

Oberwolfach Workshop on Control Methods in Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations jointly organised by Fabio Ancona (Padua, IT), Bani Anvari (London, UK) and Olivier Glass (Paris, FR), and Michael Herty (Aachen, DE) (1 – 7 November 2020)

Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) seminars (in collaboration with Imperial College London), University College London, UK (since 2018).

Workshop on Novel Approaches to Energy Management and  Eco- Driving, University of Southampton, 2018.

Workshop on Eco-Driving and Energy Management Optimisation, Imperial College London, 2018.

Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) seminars (in collaboration with University College London), Imperial College London, UK (2014 -2016).

Workshop on Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling for Prefabricated Construction Projects, Imperial College London, London, 2016.

Departmental workshop on Making Career Decisions, Imperial College London, London, 2016.

Workshop on Port Operations Research and Technology, The University of Sydney Business School, Sydney, 2014.

Workshop on Traffic Incident Management, Traffic Simulation and Journey Planning, Imperial College London, London, 2010.

Session Chair: 

17th British-French-German Conference on Optimisation Civil Engineering, 2015.

Student Conference at Imperial College London, 2013-2016.


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